Flexible pipes that are made of filament winding structural composite materials are used in drinking water, raw water, irrigation water, urban rain water, pressurized / unpressurized waste water, domestic and industrial waste water, underwater, sea water intake, cooling water disposal or chemical premises pipelines, in recirculation discharge line up of power plants, HEPPs, fuel oil and chemical material transport and rehabilitation of existing line ups made of different types of pipes.

Hydraulic loses can be avoided thanks to the smooth inter surface of these pipes. Since these pipes weigh as much as ¼ of steel pipes and 1/10 of concrete pipes, they are easy to use during transportation and assembly. These pipes have a life span of over fifty years with low need of maintenance due to their high resistance to corrosion. These pipes do not require cathodic protection or additional layering since they do not conduct electricity.

In Turkey, our company has provided GRP and GRE pipes to numerous local and international institutions including the General Directorate for State Hydraulic Works, Drinking water and irrigation projects and energy projects.



Glass reinforced plastic GRP pipes which are flexible and corrosion resistant are designed to be utilized in underground applications. GRP pipes are also used above ground with the assistance of specialized engineering works and procedures. GRP pipes are produced by engaging thermostatic chemical resistant polyester resin and fiber glass reinforcement and fine silica sand aggregate in accordance with BS EN 1796/BS EN 14364/AWWA C-950.

FIBERSTRONG™ pipes are suitable for applications of drinking water, untreated water, sea water, sewage and sanitation system pipelines, pipelines used for industrial waste water transport systems that are exposed to heat conditions between - 40°C and +50°C and underwater applications in corrosive conditions.

These pipes can be produced in various sizes ranging from 80mm to 4000mm in diameter, working pressures of PN 1, 3, 6, 10, 12, 16, 20 and 25 and with stiffness rates of 2500, 5000 and 10000 N/m2.




Glass fiber reinforced Epoxy pipelines are resistant to accepted acid concentration levels, natural and near natural salts, dissolvers, caustic materials, and corrosive effects under inner and outer pressure.

GRE pipes are utilized in transmission of crude oil and fire-protection water / drinking water / cooling water pipelines, in industrial projects, power plants, industrial waste water systems, underwater piping, sea water intake and cooling water line ups.

These pipes fiberglass reinforcement with diagonal perpetual winding application and have resin lining in the inside and resin on the outside. These pipes are suitable for above ground applications.
Thermostatic resin system process provides, perfect mechanical, physical and thermal specifications and high resistance to corrosion.

WAVISTRONG™ pipes are produced in diameters between Ø 25 mm and Ø 1600 mm and with resistance up to PN 100 bar pressure and 110º C.



Established in 1973, the group is one of the leading producers of GRP pipes (FIBERSTRONG™) and GRE pipes (WAVISTRONG™) in the world. The group has production facilities in the USA, Holland, France, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Qatar and Omani. The group’s engineering arm namely Dynaflow Engineering is based in Greece, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The group’s sale offices are located in Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, USA, England, France, Spain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Omani, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Singapore.

The group’s certificates including ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 14001, NSF, WRC, WRAS, API, UL, FM, KIWA, KITEMARK, BASF are listed below.