Ductile pipes, which are nodular cast iron pipes produced as per centrifugal casting technique, are being used in drinking water lines. These pipes are more flexible have more endurance compared to normal cast iron pipes. The graphite of normal cast iron pipes are lame shaped and this causes these pipes to have fragile nature. On the other hand, ductile pipes have a round graphite structure.

Since ductile pipes are produced having spherical structure with magnesium, they have a spherical graphite structure and also since their joints are socketed and using with rubber gasket, they are flexible like steel and have higher strength. The durability of the ductile pipes is practically accepted over 100 years. Also, due to their sealed socket connection with rubber gasket and having with spherical structure by magnesium, ductile pipes do not require cathodic production. As a result of these, ductile pipes are suitable for high pressured drinking water pipe lines.

Also for ease of use, XINXING ductile pipes are produced also with different mechanical connection types for different topographic conditions at different pressure levels. Especially XINXING has the required patents and technical designs for ductile pipes.

XINXING Ductile Iron Pipes Co. Ltd.

XINXING is established in 1971, the company having the biggest manufacturing capacity of ductile pipes and fittings worldwide. The company has 2,2 million tons of ductile pipes annual production capacity between Ø 80 mm and Ø 3000 mm diameters. XINXING exports ductile iron pipes and fittings to 108 different countries in worldwide including USA, Germany, England, Spain, Switzerland, Italy and Turkey, Middle East, African Countries, Central Asia and Far East as well.

In Turkey, our company has supplied XINXING ductile pipes and connection pieces to projects of General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ), General Directorate of İstanbul Water and Sewage Administration (İSKİ), General Directorate of Bursa Water and Sewage Administration (BUSKİ, General Directorate of Provincial Bank (IB) and many other important projects of Turkish municipalities in Turkey. The products those our company has supplied have been tested by SGS and Bureau Veritas in terms of ‘Third Party Inspectorship’ during production and by Istanbul Technical University during inspection acceptance, and related reports have been provided to our customers.

The production process, certifications and test reports, which meets many international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 2531, BS EN 545, ISO 4179, ISO 8179, ISO 4633, BS 6920, UKAS and WRAS are listed below.