Regulations have been made in the energy sector by the 4628 numbered Electricity Market Law in order to meet the rapidly rising electric energy demand of our country. As a result, private sector was enabled to participate in energy production within free market norms by obtaining a Generation License. In accordance with the later accepted 5358 numbered Renewable Energy Law, enhancing the renewable energy resources of our country was also incentivized.

Demand for renewable energy is steadily rising in our country in parallel with the developments of the world. As a result of our collaboration with leading producers and institutions of the world, we are able to provide our customers advisory and equipment supply services in Hydro electrical energy power plants (HEPP), Wind energy power plants (WEPP), Solar energy power plants and Geothermal energy power plants.


Established in 1995, the French-Indian funded company is one of the most competent engineering and manufacturing firms in the world for HEPP projects with installed capacity up to 15 MW.

Especially in France and India, HPP Energy Pvt. Ltd., has been proving engineering services in many international HEPP projects and manufacturing all the systems (hydro mechanical, electromechanical and automatization ) required by these power plants as per international standards in very short time spans.

The company has ISO 9001 quality assurance and is not only providing engineering services and equipment supply to new HEPP projects but also, as a result of its engineering background, optimizing the energy generation of existing HEPPs by modernizing them with state of art technology. The certificate of HPP Energy Pvt. Ltd. is as follows.

Alternate Hydro Energy Centre (AHEC)

AHEC is a part of Roorkee Institute of Technology in India and is one of the leading academic institutions in the world in the field of alternative hydro energy.

Established in 1982, AHEC is specialized in providing feasibility studies for small scale HEPPs, preparing designs and technical drawings, offering advisory services in construction and system supply operations, modernizing existing HEPPs and training investors, engineers and power plant staff.

As a result of our collaboration with AHEC, as Karon Mühendislik San. Tic. Ltd., we are pleased to provide our customers a scientific point of view. Thus, we are honored to not only supply our customers all the systems required for their HEPP investments, but also be there with them through the life span of their projects commencing from its feasibility study start date.