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100% Biological Completely biological nano disinfectant and hygiene solutions harmless to the environment and human health.

Chemical Free 100% biological green, vegan and environment and human friendly solutions.

Low Cost Lower your production cost with Nanoksia solutions.

Healthy&Clean No hazardous effect to environment and human touch. 100% clean solution.

Nanoksia Biyoteknoloji San. ve Tic. A.Ş

Nanoksia Biotechnology produces biological nanomaterials from silver, zinc, iron and various metals using different types of plants. Therefore we provide eco-friendly and harmless plantal industrial products to be produced.

The results of experimental studies have shown that plant-based biological nanoparticle solutions have a strong antimicrobial effect on several bacteria species. These findings are impressive and also encouraging. The cytotoxic high effect on the carcinogenic cells has also been proved experimentally.

We are focused on developing high quality, easy to apply nanomaterials for health, energy, food, and defense industries.

The process of incorporation firstly started with the academic research at plant-based biological nanoparticle synthesis. After high antimicrobial and disinfection of nanoparticles had been determined, company establishment started to investigate the usage of biological nanoparticles instead of chemicals to produce eco-friendly products. http://www.nanoksia.com/


duktil boru