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Our product range includes Microbial BioFertilizers, Organic Fertilizers, Microbial Algae Remover.

NG Biotech develops microbial products to remove and eliminate persistent organic residues caused by industrial pollution and agrochemicals from soil and crop. Our main scope is the isolation and development of microorganisms that will contribute positively to soil fertility, plant growth, yield, disease and pest control.

NG Biyoteknoloji LTD.ŞTİ.

is a long term investment by the partnership of academicians who participated in national and international environmental and agricultural institutions for years to develop and produce microbial cultures with the expertise in environmental biotechnology. Development and production of microbial cultures to be used as biopesticides in agriculture, as organic control agents for public health and for bioremediation of persistent organic pollutants are the prior working fields of our company. http://www.ngbiyoteknoloji.com


duktil boru