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KARON Sourcing Company

The core function of KARON Sourcing Company is to identify qualified Turkish Cotton manufacturers, based on the customer’s needs and requirements.

We offer a full range of sourcing services from manufacturer research to logistics, from product development to shipping, this is an offer to an end to end sourcing, inspection and quality services, thus minimizing the efforts at your end. We also promise to get you a better price with a dedicated negotiation team and access to a network of the factories that offer competitive prices but offer the same quality products as any other factory. With services like factory audits, inspection, price verification, and compliance assurance, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the products while working with KARON.

Here is the quick list of the key services that we offer:


  • Comprehensive sourcing
  • Manufacturer background verification
  • Preparation of orders
  • Order Follow up
  • Container loading supervision
  • Shipping supervision
  • Quality control
  • Factory auditing
  • Risk Management services


KARON's other prominent services also include, sample development, negotiation, order management, logistics, selection, and purchase.


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