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Rose flowers (Rosa damascena M.) picked early in the morning as the dawn washes the petals and carried to our state-of-the-art facility under special conditions to prevent fermentation. Fresh flowers are poured to the copper stills for hydro – distillation.

With the heat, water evaporates, and carries the fragrant constituents out of the rose petals into and through the condenser.

The water loaded with fragrant material flows down from the condenser into the florentine flask. The florentine flask is based on the difference density between water and oil.

The oil which is lighter than water goes up. This is called first oil.

The water – oil compound which stays down will be carried out for being reprocessed in a similar way with steam stripping to obtain the second oil.

The mixture of first and second oil is "Rose Essential Oil".

The remaining water after stripping the second rose oil is "rose water" which is also rich with fragrant ingredients.

It is also a consumable product by individuals to moisturize refresh and clean the skin.

Erçetin A.Ş

Erçetin was established 61 years ago as a producer and exporter of essential oils and hydrosols. And has been existing in the global market with high quality products of rose oil, rose absolute and rose water since then. We have improved ourselves especially upon starting a long term collaboration in 2008 with a giant company of the market ( IFF- International Flavours and Fragrances Co. Inc.). IFF-LMR-Erçetin production site in Isparta became one of the three organic certified sites of IFF-LMR worldwide since 2015.

IFF-LMR and Erçetin Inc. deliver clean, pure, transparent, sustainably harvested, and ethically produced rose products with decades of experience.


duktil boru